Saturday, February 11, 2012

Goi Cuon - Vietnamese Spring Rolls

One of my all time favorite Vietnamese recipes we learned to make from the Bui family was Goi Cuon, or spring rolls (served cold). I remember my sisters and I loved them so much we learned to make them when we were very young, and we would become very popular at the school lunch table on the rare days mom treated us to Goi Cuon in the lunch box!

There is a chance that it is less the spring rolls we all liked, and more the hoisin sauce we dipped them in. The sauce is sweet, but has that nice savory caramelized flavor, as most Asian brown sauces do.

Like the egg rolls we made a couple weeks before, we used rice noodles as part of the filling. Everything was wrapped in the clear rice paper (which comes in hard sheets, and its run under water and set for a couple minutes to soften). The wrappers are surprisingly a bit salty, and a bit chewy, but otherwise aren't too flavorful.

The fresh veggie filling includes mint, lettuce, often cilantro (not for me), and fresh bean sprouts. We had a bag of mixed green sprouts already, and they worked great.

I think these pictures look so fresh and tasty!

Asian cuisines use a lot of pork and fish. Since we like shrimp, that's what we added to our rolls for protein. 

And voila! goi cuon, the crispy, fresh spring rolls, ready to be dipped into the hoisin sauce, it's finger licking good ;)

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