Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Maggie Time + Kil'n Time = Fun Time

Maggie has recently become a frequent guest of Kil'n Time, a studio in Ames, IA, where people paint pre-made pottery.When I was visiting her last weekend, we decided to add this craft to our list!

Maggie made an Iowa State logo plate for her boyfriend. There are all sorts of stencils you can trace (with permanent marker, because it burns off in the kiln) and paint over, which adds a really polished look to the finished product.

I was inspired by a watermelon mug I saw online as a sample. The shop fires the pottery for you to pick up a few days after glazing the piece. The hardest part is deciding what ceramic piece to paint, and then making sure you paint at least three coats for a strong color to appear. I hope my colors complement each other and that I have enough coats to prevent streaking in the glaze!

The paint I used for the seeds is textured, so while the other glaze will be smooth, the seeds should bump up! There were several other "fun" glazes to chose from, another speckled once fired. I am really excited, yet nervous to see the final product! Maggie picks them up from the shop tomorrow!
Two days after this post was published, Maggie picture texted the finished products to me!!!